Arrested development, much?

The condescending little lady singing a modified “Mary Poppins” tune in the video above is Nina Jankowicz.

Joe Biden has recently chosen her to be the head of the newly created Disinformation Governance Board, which is ultimately designed to stop conservatives and Christians from being able to publicly share information with each other if it contradicts the government narrative on any topic, thus negating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

This simplistic, patronizing video was made by Ms. Jankowicz, for you.  She posted it on Tik Tok, for  you.  So this pretty much represents what she thinks of you.  

According to Ms. Jankowicz, you’re little more than a simpleton — a stupid adult who desperately needs her to tell you what to think…what to believe….what to say…who to listen to…and how to properly run your life in accord with the government narrative.

Thank God our leaders care so much about us.  After all, someone needs to watch over us simpletons, and keep us in line.

Our heavenly Father told us, prophetically, that it was going to be just like this in the very end.

Isaiah 3:4  I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

Isaiah 3:5  And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

A few verses later, our Father reiterates:

Isa 3:12  As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. 

Yes, babes now indeed rule over us.  The younger generation are now our oppressors, because we didn’t watch what they were being taught in the public schools.  We abdicated our responsibilities, and turned our kids over to the government.  And the government turned them against us.

So, our old doctrines and our old paths are now being destroyed, to make way for the enemy and their new doctrines and their new paths.

And mental midgets like this emotionally-retarded Fran Drescher imitator, now rule over us.

As a result, oppression is being ratcheted up against conservatives and Christians.  Neighbors are at each other’s throats over mask wearing and clot shots and politics in general.  The kids are being turned against their parents and grandparents.  And the wicked are being honored, while the righteous are being pursued and punished as “disinformationists”  and even “domestic terrorists.”

In a previous video, this infantile warbler who seeks to rule over us, let’s us all know what she’s really after:

Ah, yes.  All she wants for Christmas is to be “rich, famous and powerful.”

And now she is.  Because now, she rules over you and everything you say.

But not just that.  The childish warbler goes on to sing:

I want to be rich, famous and powerful
Step on all of my enemies
And never do a thing
I want to be rich, famous and powerful
So all I have to do in life is sit around and sing
I don’t want to work, struggle or compromise
Cause when I set a goal I want to reach it right away
Because paying your dues?  That’s just for other guys
As for me, I want what I want.  And I want it all today.

What a petulant little child.

But wait…it gets even better…

Here, the good Ms. Poppins — I mean, Jankowicz — sings about her fantasy of being dead, and turning into a peeping tom.

Indeed, she sings about having her ghost sneak into bathrooms and peek at people as do their business.  Not kidding!  She even openly fantasizes about what’s between their legs.  Not only that, but she sings of her fantasy to have necrophilic sex with the fictional book and movie character, Harry Potter, after he “dies.”


So, do you think things are going to get better, or worse, from here on out?

You might want to read the remainder of Isaiah chapter 3.  There, you’ll see that this is what happened once before, at the fall of Judah and Jerusalem to the king of Babylon.  And Father Himself brought it about, because this is precisely what the people deserved.

And that’s pretty much where we stand today:  On the precipice of tyranny, oppression and ultimately, destruction of the old ways.  Witnessing the not-so-slow-motion overthrow of western Christianity, and the gradual ushering in of worldwide Babylon.  And this lady is its poster child.

Babylon is Baby-land.  And babes (i.e., adults with the minds of selfish little children) now rule over us.

The good news?  We’re all that much closer to the return of our Lord and Savior, after the antichrist arrives to pull off his great deception as the false messiah.

Regards in Christ,

Steve Barwick

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