The Easter Heresy

Are you aware that not one of the 12 apostles celebrated Easter? Or, that Jesus Himself never celebrated Easter? Or, that God never mandated the celebration of Easter anywhere in the Bible? Truth be told, the only place the word “Easter” is mentioned in...

Social Influencers: Testing the Spirit

One of the newest pop culture buzz phrases is the term “social influencers,” meaning people who spend their time, online, attempting to influence the multitudes of this world into believing something, acting on something, buying something, or doing...

Clot Shots: The World’s Leading Cause of “Coincidence”

Tens of thousands of innocent, trusting folks, worldwide, are dropping dead from the COVID clot shot “vaccines”. And millions more are becoming debilitated and incapacitated by the jabs. But the powers-that-be and their anonymous “fact-checkers” tell us all of these...

The Old Devils Are at It Again: COVID and the Greatest Wealth Theft in World History

Yes, the Old Devils are at it again. As the folk song posted at the top of this article says:

It’s true right now
like it was back then
The old devils
are at it again.

It’s that old Biblical maxim: As then, so again. In other words, there’s nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9). What you’re witnessing now, with COVID, is the end-game of those old devils who have been trying to take over this world on behalf of their father the devil, and steal its wealth for themselves, ever since Cain started out in the land of Nod. If you’re still confused about why the old devils have pulled off the global COVID scam, and what’s coming next, THIS is the article you need to read…

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