The Old Devils Are at It Again: COVID and the Greatest Wealth Theft in World History

Yes, the Old Devils are at it again. As the folk song posted at the top of this article says:

It’s true right now
like it was back then
The old devils
are at it again.

It’s that old Biblical maxim: As then, so again. In other words, there’s nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9). What you’re witnessing now, with COVID, is the end-game of those old devils who have been trying to take over this world on behalf of their father the devil, and steal its wealth for themselves, ever since Cain started out in the land of Nod. If you’re still confused about why the old devils have pulled off the global COVID scam, and what’s coming next, THIS is the article you need to read…

Pastor Who Stood Up to Police Speaks Out: “You Can’t Compromise with Tyrants”

This is my kind of pastor! Several days ago I posted the story and video of the Canadian Pastor, Artur Pawlowski, who threw the mask-enforcer police out of his church when they tried to disrupt a Christian Passover service. Now, Fox News contributor Mark Steyn, also a Canadian, has interviewed that very same pastor on national television.  You can watch the full broadcast in the video at the top of this article, but here’s the gist of the interview, which I believe every Christian should watch and take to heart…

Franklin Graham Says “Jesus Would Take the Jab”

I’ve tried for years to find a good reason to like Franklin Graham. To date, I’ve unfortunately not been successful. Oh, he’s pleasant enough of a man. He’s charming. He’s sweet. He has a nice smile. A calming tone to his voice. He even occasionally quotes Scripture. And he loves the Lord. So, what’s not to like? Well…for one…he has one of the largest bully pulpits in the nation – and one of the largest groups of Christian followers in the world. But, instead of using his pulpit to rally Christians against the complete meltdown of our religious and Constitutional rights, with churches locked down across our great nation, and brave pastors going to jail for preaching without a mask on, Mr. Graham instead uses his pulpit to herd Christians into compliance with the evil forces now destroying the western Christian nations and taking over this world.

Canadian Christian Pastor to Cops: Get Out of My Church on Holy Passover!

Apparently, the Pastor in the video featured at the top of this article – who celebrated the Christian Passover this past weekend, correctly calling it the “holiest day of the year” — had been snitched-on for not forcing his congregants to wear masks and practice social distancing inside of the church during the Passover service. This, of course, quickly brought the cops into the church. After all, the authorities can’t have any of that non-compliance stuff. But the Pastor, an émigré to Canada from Poland (back when it was a communist country), wasn’t about to put up with it. He’d seen it all before. You’ll be astonished at how he simply orders the cops out of his church, and keeps ordering them out, until they give-in and comply.

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