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Not all questions can be answered, due to volume and time constraints.

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But please, never forget that the answers you seek are already in the Book. And they can only be ascertained, in their fullness, through your daily study of His Word.

So don’t be lazy. Study your Father’s Word every day, with patience and diligence. If you’re patient and diligent, you’ll get all of your questions answered over the course of time, by the best teacher ever, the Lord Himself, through His Holy Spirit of wisdom and understanding. That’s something you don’t want to miss out on, if you’re wise.

As the Scripture states in II Timothy 2:15, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

And as the Scriptures further state: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8).

Those are the Lord’s promises, straight from His mouth to your ears. It’s the Lord who “openeth, and no man shutteth” (Revelation 3:8-9), meaning if you’ll put the effort into studying His Word, and ask of Him what you seek to understand, He’ll make things so crystal clear to you, no one can convince you otherwise.

Questions & Answers:

If There’s No Rapture, How Do You Explain These Six Verses?

Were the Fallen Angels Also in the Garden of Eden During Satan’s Seduction of Adam and Eve?

Can the Kenites Have Salvation or Are They Pre-Condemned?

Are Christians Always Obligated to Give Money to Others When They Claim They’re in Need?

Am I Living in the Matrix If I Don’t Refer to Jesus as Yahshua?

Which is Biblical – Worldwide Christian Revival, or Mass Deception?

Are Christians on This Earth to Heal Divisions?

Doesn’t Genesis 4, Verse 1, Disprove Your Conclusion that Satan Sired Cain?

Is Antichrist Actually Satan Himself, Or Is He Merely a Man Possessed by Satan?

Can a Christian Lose Salvation?

Why Do Some Christians Say the Tribulation Will Last Only Two-and-a-Half Months?

Is Mask-Wearing Mandated in the Bible?

Are We Watching the Beast Rise, or Just a Type?

Where Does the Phrase “As Above, So Below” Come From?

Is the Sabbath a Specific Day, or Is It the Rest We Have Daily in Jesus?

When Is It Okay for Christians to Disobey the Government?

Why Are Some of God’s Elect Born Into Abusive Families?

Why Do You Insist God’s Elect Will Not Be Killed During the Tribulation? 

If the Elect Overcame in the First Age Why Do They Have to Go Through the Pain and Suffering of this Flesh Age?

Are the 4 Stages of One-Worldism Distinct from the Four Hidden Dynasties?

Do the Events of Daniel 8 Trigger the 6th Trump and Presage the Arrival of the Antichrist?

If Persia Is Destroyed Just Before the 6th Trump, How Can Persia Join the Attack on God’s People Just Before the 7th Trump?

Why Does Genesis 3:15 Say the Woman Has Seed When Women Have Eggs, Instead?

Is It Idolatrous for Christians to Put Up a Christmas Tree?

How Do You Know When It’s the Right (or Wrong) Times to Plant Seeds?

During the Tribulation Can the Elect Be Harmed By Other People?

Sex and Marriage:  What Constitutes a Marriage, Biblically?

Is the Account of Adam’s Creation in Genesis 2:4-25 a More Detailed Account of the Sixth Day Creation in Genesis 1:24-31?

Are Christians Supposed to be Vegetarians or Can We Eat Meat?

Why Does Christ Say to Call No Man a Fool, Yet He Calls the Scribes and Pharisees Fools?

If Jesus Was God the Father, Why Did He Pray to God the Father?

Are the 144,000 the Only Ones Kept Safe During the Great Tribulation?

If Jesus Was God the Father, Why Did He Pray to God the Father?

How Could God Bless Our Nation When It Was Founded on the Murder of the Native Indians?

Does God Ordain Every Government Leader and Require Christians to Obey Them?

Why Does Jeremiah 3:8 Contradict Jeremiah 3:14?

I Want to Plant Seeds of Truth With People But I’m Shy and I’m Not a Gifted Speaker So What Do I Do?

Can You Please Explain the Gifts or Signs Given to Christians in Mark Chapter 16:17-18?

 Was Pride Really Satan’s Chief Sin, or Was It Something Deeper Than That?

Does Satan Really Believe He Can Defeat God?

Why In the O.T. Did God Kill and Even Torture People?

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Questions When I Pray to Him for Better Understanding of His Word?

Why Did God Let Angels Build Structures on Earth in the First Age When the Angels Were All in Spiritual Bodies and Wouldn’t Have Needed Housing?

How Did Satan Get His Name?

Are the Rich and Powerful of Today the Same Who Were Rich and Powerful in the World that Was, and Will There Be True Equality in the Kingdom of God or Will Some Be Higher in Authority Than Others?

Aren’t We Supposed to Quit Teaching and be Quiet When Satan Gets Here?

Why Didn’t God Just Send His Children Straight into the Millennium Teaching Period Instead of into this Flesh?

What’s the difference between the “spirit of slumber” and the “strong delusion” God puts some people under?

Biblically Speaking, Can Levites or Priests Own Land Today?

Why Does God Need a Thousand Years to Teach His Children After Christ’s Second Advent? 

Why Did Satan Have the Jewish Religious Leaders Kill Jesus, When It Was Christ’s Death that Defeated Satan?

Do You Think the Q-Anon Messages About the Coming Take-Down of the “Deep State” Are Real? 

Do the Jews of Today Know the Kenites Intermixed with Them?

Does God Have a Soul and Can You Document It Biblically?

Why Do Some Otherwise Decent Bible Students Now Reject the Bible Teaching that Satan Has Children on This Earth?

How Can I Help Someone Who Gets High on Marijuana Understand Why They Shouldn’t?

Was Cain a Giant Like the Offspring of the Fallen Angels in Genesis Chapter 6?

Were Adam and Eve the First Sinners or Did the Members of the Sixth Day Creation Sin Too?

When the Antichrist Arrives Are We Supposed to Quit Teaching Bible?

Why Do You Believe God Can Destroy a Spirit or Soul in Hell?

If Souls Become Non-Existent in the Lake of Fire Then How Do You Explain Christ’s Words in Mark 9:44-48?

What Do You Think About Sexualized Occultism Becoming Mainstreamed Now Through the Entertainment Media? 

Why Don’t You Understand that Daniel Chapter 8 Has Already Been Fulfilled, Historically?

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Was Noah’s Flood Worldwide or Local?

Is the Book of Enoch Scriptural, and Are There Bad Versions?

If Noah’s Flood Was Local, Why Didn’t Noah Just Pack up and Walk Out?

In the First Age, Did Satan Take God’s Children By Force?

Other Than Melchizedek Was Christ Ever Physically on This Earth Before the Virgin Birth?

Is It Biblically Wrong to Have a Blood Transfusion?

How Can I Prove Cain Was the Son of Satan Without Having to Teach an Entire Bible Study?

Do You Still Believe Obama Was the Raiser of Taxes of Daniel 11:20?

The Bible Says Jesus is a Black Man — Why Do You Keep Insisting He’s White?

Why Does Genesis Chapter 1 Say God Created the Moon, Sun and Stars; Weren’t They Already There from the First Age?

What Was Adams Sin in the Garden?

Is There a Difference Between the Called and the Chosen?

 Why Are TV Shows and Movies Featuring So Many Mutant Superheroes?

Will the Elect Be Martyred During the Great Tribulation?

What Exactly Are the Four Winds of Heaven Composed Of?

What Does Taking Communion “Unworthily” Mean in First Corinthians Chapter 11?

Why, In Acts 12, Does Passover Come After the Days of Unleavened Bread?

Why Doesn’t 2 Esdras in the Apocrypha Mention the Millennium?

Is It a Lack of Faith to Prepare in Advance for the Tribulation?

Is it Okay to Donate Money to Help Build the Third Temple in Jerusalem?

Which “Cup” Did Christ Pray to Have Removed from Him?

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