Am I Living in the Matrix If I Don’t Refer to Jesus as Yahshua?


Hi Steve,

I was told recently by an acquaintance that I am living in “the matrix” if I do not refer to Jesus Christ as “Yahshua”.

I am not exactly sure what he meant by that, but he claims that Christians today are being deceived, so to speak.  I read the KJV – Matthew Henry Study Bible.  I do not read (anymore) any new translations of the Bible because they definitely have taken out Scriptures completely and twist the meaning in others.

My Savior and Lord is Jesus Christ.  I also follow a non-501c3 pastor which has never referred to Jesus Christ as anything else but Jesus Christ.  Name above all names.  King of Kings.  Lord of Lords.  Immanuel, God is With Us.

Do you have any thoughts on what this person is referring to regarding “Yahshua”?  Is it just the Hebrew translation of Jesus Christ?

Thank you.


Steve’s Answer:

Hi April,

There are so many “name snobs” out there now, it’s getting pathetic.  They make a religion out of a name, and then claim if you don’t use their favorite name for the Lord, you’re in some kind of apostasy.

Don’t listen to them. They’re immature Christians, playing church, and arrogantly thinking they have some secret key to the Lord. They don’t.

Most of them are being taught this nonsense by false Jews (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) who have infiltrated the Christian church pretending to be Christians, and offering “secret knowledge” of the Lord’s name.

Here’s the straight scoop:

Yahshua, also spelled Yehshua, Yahoshua, or even Y’shua, is simply the original Hebrew word for the Greek name Iesous (pronounced ee-ay-sus) from which we get the English name Jesus.

When translated from Hebrew directly to English, it’s actually Joshua.  But when transliterated from Hebrew Old Testament (Yahshua) to Greek New Testament (Iesous), and then into English, it’s Jesus.

All these versions of His name constitute a contraction that includes our heavenly Father’s sacred name, YHVH, or Yahveh, coupled with the Hebrew word for Savior.

In other words, the “Yah” in Yahshua stands for Yahveh, our heavenly Father, which is the sacred name of God Almighty.  And the “shua” in Yahshua simply means “salvation” or “savior.”

So, the name Jesus, or Yahshua, or Joshua, or even the Greek name for Him, Iesous, as well as the English name Jesus, simply means YHVH Savior, or YHVH’s Savior.  It can even be translated The Salvation of YHVH.

No matter which way you translate it, it designates Jesus as the Savior of mankind sent by our heavenly Father YHVH to save us, but also, and perhaps most importantly, designating that Jesus represents “the fullness of the Godhead bodily” (see Colossians 2:9), meaning that our heavenly Father YHVH and His Holy Spirit actually dwell within our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The three, are One.

As you stated, “Jesus Christ…Name above all names.  King of Kings.  Lord of Lords. Immanuel, God With Us.”

Now, if you want a “secret” name for the Lord, He gives it to us in Revelation 19:13.  As you’ll see when you look, it’s not so secret.  In the Greek language, it’s Ho Logos Theos, i.e., “The Word of God.”

Those name snobs completely miss that one. Cracks me up every time.  They’re so wrapped up in what they think is the “only” way to address the Lord, that they actually miss what the Bible says.  He is the walking, talking Word of God.  And the Scripture proclaims that as His Holy name.

You’re doing fine, dear sister. We’re ALL in the Matrix.  But that’s because this is Satan’s world, and Satan’s time.  Sticking with the Word of God is the way out of it.  Jesus is getting ready to put an end to it all, thankfully, directly after the great deception St. Paul discusses in II Thessalonians 2:1-5, which precedes His coming.

So, hang in there, in faith, and don’t let the name snobs get your goat.  They’re deluded, at best.  It’s sad.  But it’s part of the end of this age.  Stay in His Word, every day.  You’ll do just fine.

Regards in Jesus Christ, Y’shua (Joshua/Iesous) the Messiah, the Good Lord, Our Savior, King of kings and Lord of lords, the Living Word of God Almighty,

Steve Barwick

Steve Barwick

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