Are We Watching the Beast Rise, or Just a Type?

Hey Steve.  I have a couple of questions for you.  I hope you don’t mind.

When this beast is in full swing and we can’t buy, sell or work, do you think we will be “homeless” if we still have a mortgage?

I have been back and forth with myself on all this.  Is it a type of the beast system, or is this the real thing?  Has Iran fallen (maybe financially) or are we even close to that?

I think we are watching the beast system start to rise, but I know that could take many years or happen overnight.  I know generations are 70 and 120 years….so this could go on for many years to come.  What is your opinion on where we are on all this?

Thank you again for all you do!

— S.J.

Thanks for the great questions, S.J.

I’ll first answer your question on whether the coronavirus crisis constitutes the rising from the sea of the antichrist beast system of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13, and your question on what to do about mortgage payments when the antichrist gets here, afterwards.

Is It a “Type,” or The Real Deal?

As for what’s currently happening, I don’t think it’s so much of a “type” of the coming global beast system, but instead, a precursor: a preliminary attempt, so to speak. I’m not sure yet if the following verse fits the present time, but Daniel 11:14 says:

Daniel 11:14  And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.


You can almost see the assaults on Trump in the first part of that verse, right?

“Many” are indeed standing up against the “king of the south” (if you agree with Pastor Arnold Murray’s revised teaching from the late 90’s that the “king of the south” is now the American leader, while the “king of the north” is now the Russian leader).

I find it amazing how this whole thing has revolved for so long around whether or not Trump “colluded” with Russia to win the election, resulting in renewed political and economic tensions between the two countries that are still with us today.  His entire “impeachment” was over this.

Up until COVID, everything was “Russia, Russia, Russia.”  Right?  So current events fit right in with Daniel 11, at least as a precursor to it, if you accept Russia as the “king of the north” of these end days.

And of course, the “robbers of thy people” are clearly the Kenites. It’s extremely clear the Kenites are the ones pushing this stupid global COVID ruse as a means of eliminating nationalism and instituting “we’re all in this together” global communism.

So, if now is the time for Daniel 11:14 to come to pass, then the COVID ruse will ultimately fail…IF enough of God’s servants have the intestinal fortitude (and the understanding) to claim that verse, and boldly stand up in Christ’s name against what’s happening.

Then, the Kenites would have to come back later, from a completely different angle, to “establish the vision,” which is to say, to usher in their daddy’s New World Order.

Also, keep in mind that in the Old Testament, Israel was taken into captivity twice after the nation was originally established. Once, by the Assyrians (i.e., who took the 10 tribes). And once by the Babylonians, who took Judah, Benjamin and Levi.

Both of those captivities are taught in the Bible as types of what will happen in the end of time.  So, we might be seeing the end days “Assyrian” attack now, to be followed by the “Babylonian” attack, later.

But presently, I’m opting for the Daniel 11:14 theory.

In other words, the Kenites try to institute a global communist revolution during a time of raging nationalism (i.e., the phrases “king of the north/king of the south” in Daniel 11 denote nationalism, not globalism).  But they utterly fail, their first try out the gate.

And I believe that failure will be because brave and bold Christians resist the attempt, standing up against it in Yashua’s precious name, and in claim of God’s Word in Daniel 11:14.

This is Not the “Real Thing”

So, no, at this point in time, I don’t believe this to be the “real thing,” which is to say, the actual four-stages of one-worldism (as described in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13) being ushered in.

After all, the Bible tells us that the “four winds” (which were held back in Revelation 7) don’t begin to blow again until shortly after the devastating attack on Iran (see Daniel 8:8 for the “four winds” reference), which leaves that country crippled.   Then, and only then, do those four winds start blowing.

Daniel 8:8  Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven.

The phrase “and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven,” is a direct reference to Daniel chapter 7, where the four winds begin to blow and the four stages of one-worldism begin to unfold.  But we can see from this verse that it all begins directly after the devastating attack on Iran.

So, since the definitively crushing attack on Iran has not yet taken place, it’s clear the four winds have yet to begin to blow.

And if the four winds are not yet blowing, then the events of Daniel 7, where the four stages of one-worldism are described, cannot yet be unfolding, because Daniel 7 clearly says the four winds themselves usher in the four stages of one-worldism.  (Learn more by reading The Four Winds and the Sealing of God’s Elect)

I’ve had a number of people write me to say that “We’re going into captivity right now.  God’s Word says so.  So, there’s no use in fighting against it.”

And I must answer, “Yeah, but if you’re wrong, you’re guilty of cowardice in the face of the enemy.  And of using God’s Word to justify that cowardice.  And based on Daniel 8, you’re definitely wrong.  There’s been no crushing attack on Iran. The four winds are not blowing yet. So, this cannot be Satan’s one-world system being ushered in.  Not yet, anyway.”

The Confusion

I can understand why folks are so confused.

What’s happening today has never been taught by any preacher, even those with eyes to see and ears to hear, in terms of the operational details.

In other words, nowhere have I heard of any preacher say, “Well, first, they’ll cause a fake global pandemic using a basically harmless virus, the virility of which they’ll exaggerate all out of proportions to help usher in the One-World system and the reign of their father the devil.”

More importantly, nor does the Bible say anything like that.

Which is exactly why these people writing me so cocksure that this is the “real thing” are getting to be quite irritating – especially when they tell me that instead of encouraging people to resist the chains being offered them, I should tell them instead to simply accept their encroaching captivity gracefully because “God’s Word says that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Well, no, it doesn’t.

Nowhere does the Bible justify such cowardice.  Nowhere does the Bible say “When you see an enemy coming from your stand on the watchtower, just go home, put a mask on, stand six feet apart from everybody, and relax.  Go on into captivity.  It has to happen this way.”

In short, some folks are using their own cockeyed misinterpretations of the Bible to justify their fear of actually taking a firm stand against an encroaching evil.  Yet Christians are here to take a stand?  Right?

One Bible student told me yesterday, for example, that resisting what’s now happening constitutes abandoning your “work in the field” for the Lord.  Geesh.

But the bottom line is that even the best Bible teacher I know of never conceived these end days would pan out as they’re currently panning out.  So again, I understand the confusion.

But what do we do?  That’s easy.

We watch for more events to unfold…we pray each day to Father for answers…we search through the relevant Scriptures after having so prayed…we wait patiently (“here is the faith and patience of the saints” – Rev. 13:10) for the answers to our questions… and, as more and more events unfold that we can relate to Biblical teachings on the matter, we can even adjust our positions if need be.

This is something I’ve taught for many years:

When St. Paul says, “For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known” (I Corinthians 13:12), he’s basically saying that at the present time, we can only see the general outlines of God’s Word.

It’s like trying to look at a finely detailed tapestry through a dark piece of glass.  As a result of the dark glass, we miss some of the finer details of the tapestry. But as time goes on, and more and more events unfold, we begin to see what the Bible says in more detail, and things gradually become more and more clear, until the Lord’s Second Advent, at which time we’ll understand everything perfectly.

But for now, no, I don’t see this as the “real thing.”

I don’t see it as the four stages of one-worldism being ushered in, as described in Daniel 7, because there’s been no definitively crushing attack on Iran.  No attack on Iran means the four winds aren’t blowing.  And if the four winds are not blowing, then the four stages of one-worldism, described in Daniel 7, cannot be ushered in.

For me, it’s that simple. But I do reserve the right to adjust my position as current events line up better with the Scriptures.

In my view, at this moment in time, this is just a damned communist takeover attempt on our country, and on other western Christian nations, and a direct assault on the institution of Christianity itself.  It’s communism v/s Christianity.  And I’m not going to misuse my Lord’s Word to justify inaction on my part during such a crucial time.

We do not let the forces of atheistic communism conquer the forces of Christianity.  Period.

We continue to take and hold ground, as our Lord originally instructed.  Not grovel.  Not apologize for our color.  Not apologize for our belief in the Lord.  And certainly not hide behind misinterpretations of God’s Word to justify our own fears and inaction.

The bottom line is this:  As Brandon Ward at World Events and the Bible has repeatedly stated, “Don’t rush prophesy.”  It’s moving along just fine.  Just don’t let current events get you ahead of Father and His Word.

I know we’re all anxious about these things.  Maybe we’re all even a bit tired (or is it just tired of waiting?).  Pray to Father for strength.  Remember His admonitions in the book of Revelation for having patience, along with your faith.

How Can I Pay My Mortgage After A/C Gets Here and Institutes His New Monetary System?

Yes, I do think that when the beast system is finally in full force, when antichrist finally gets here, folks with mortgages will have some trouble.

And yes, that’s because the antichrist will usher in a new global monetary system with a new currency and new rules, including the rule that you’ll have to bow to him (i.e., take the mark of the beast) in order to partake of the “benefits’ of the system, including the new currency, whatever it might be.

But…keep in mind that it often takes two or three months (sometimes even longer) for a mortgage company to get you out of a house if they try to foreclose and evict.

Plus, you have to be a certain number of months delinquent on payments before they’ll even start foreclosure and eviction proceedings.  And then it can take several more months to work the eviction process through the courts.

And, if Pastor Arnold Murray was right, Satan is only going to be here for 2.5 months before Yashua returns.

So, if I were in that situation when a/c finally gets here to institute his new global system, with its new monetary policies, I’d just sit tight, and every time you get a “pay up” notice, send them some kind of stalling reply, like, “If you can give me a little more time, I can get caught up on this.”

Bureaucracies — even corporate bureaucracies — generally move slowly. The likelihood is you can “stall them out” until Yashua arrives. Then, you’ll never need that house again, anyway, for Yashua will provide our living quarters, with Him, at Jerusalem.

Folks who rent will actually have an easier time of this, in my opinion, because the day a/c arrives they can just go to their landlord and pay up the rent three, four, or even five months in advance (if they have the money to do so).

Unfortunately, my experience with mortgage companies is that if you send them enough money to cover, say, three mortgage payments, they’ll apply only enough to cover the month that’s actually due, and then they’ll deduct the remainder you sent them from the total amount owed rather than crediting you with two more months’ worth of payments.

In other words, you’d still owe on your mortgage the next month, even though you sent them enough to cover three months’ worth of payments. The additional two months are generally applied to the end of your mortgage, reducing the number of final payments.

On the other hand, if your mortgage is anything like mine, the company gives you a little “ticket book” to use when paying your mortgage.  That “ticket book” is divided into 12 tickets, one for each month of the year.  And you include one of the “tickets” with your payment each time you make one.

So, one idea is that when the antichrist sets foot on this earth, you can try sending in three separate mortgage payments, with three separate tickets.  Do so, one at a time, i.e., mail the “July” payment, for example, with your ticket.  Then, a few days later, mail the “August” payment, with your August “ticket.”  Then mail the “September” payment with the September ticket.

That may be a bit of a risk, if they choose to only accept the payment for the month that’s actually due.  Or if they choose to apply the two follow-up payments to your end balance, rather than apply them to the months the “tickets” covered.  But at least you can say to them, in good conscience, “I clearly made the payments.  You just need to apply them correctly.”

Or, you can always call up your mortgage company and quiz them. Maybe tell them that at some point in the future you plan on going out of the country for, say, three months, and you’d like to know if, at that time, you can pay your mortgage up for those particular months so you don’t have to mess with paying bills while you’re gone.

Or, tell them you’re going to be gone for three months, and before you leave you want to send them the payments on three different tickets, one for each month.  Ask if they’ll accept that and apply it to each successive month.

Every mortgage company is different.  But they just might accommodate you, if you ask and arrange things in advance.

Otherwise, the very day the antichrist arrives I’d make sure my next mortgage payment gets made, even if you just made a payment the day before.  That way, you know you have at least two full months paid up, before the next payment is due.

Then, if your mortgage comes due again, but they tell you they’ve moved into the new global monetary system and you’ll have to pay through that system using that system’s new currency, you can then start stalling to make any further payments.

Or, you even act dumb and keep sending them the mortgage payments through your usual means, if you feel the need to do so for conscience sake.

Again, it will likely take them several months of delinquency notices before they’ll even bother to start foreclosure proceedings.  By the time they do, Jesus will be here.

Regards in Christ,
Steve Barwick


Steve Barwick

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