The 66th annual formal meeting of the globalist Bilderberg group, which has been taking place in Turin, Italy in the 6th month of this year (i.e., June 7-10, 2018), is now winding down to a close.

In the video at this link, you’ll see a 27-minute analysis of the meeting’s attendees as well as the topics being discussed this year.

The “citizen journalist” analysts in the video portray the meeting as an unprecedentedly large gathering of world movers, shakers, strategist and opinion-makers, including, for the first time ever, apparently, a high-ranking representative of the Vatican who reports back to the Pope.

All told, 130 of the world’s top power-brokers and influencers have been in attendance at this year’s meeting.

The analysts in the video claim, based on the sheer volume of attendees and their positions of power and influence, that the meeting is a sure sign that war with Iran is impending, and that the world’s leaders are preparing for it.

Bolton Predicts Iran War “Before 2019”

The video makers interject into their video commentary several news clips from recent years that seem to make the case for impending war with Iran.

This includes a news clip of president Trump’s new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, claiming to Iranian dissidents at the July 1, 2017 Iran Freedom Convention that “the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the Mullah’s regime in Tehran.”

But here’s the clincher:  Bolton followed that statement by saying: 

“That’s why, before 2019, we here [at this meeting] will celebrate in Tehran.” (Watch the video from 13:40 to 14:01.)

In other words, one year ago in 2017, our now-current National Security Advisor, John Bolton, predicted to a prominent group of Iranian dissidents that the leadership of Iran will be overthrown by 2019, and that he’d personally be there in Tehran with the Iranian dissidents to help the celebrate the overthrow of the current Iranian regime.

Have We Heard All of This Before?

I’ve got to emphasize at this point that we’ve been hearing about “war with Iran” for over a decade now, almost to the point that you probably want to tune it out because you’ve heard it so many times.  It’s become like the little boy crying “Wolf!” one time too many.

But Biblically speaking, sooner or later that long-awaited war has to happen.  The prophetic events described in Daniel chapter 8 will indeed come to pass exactly as they’re written.

And if you’ve studied your Father’s Word, you know that when that particular war finally happens, the events it triggers include the unleashing of the Biblical “four winds,” which in turn bring about the rise of the four stages of one-worldism, the deadly wound, and ultimately the arrival of the antichrist himself.

So it’s critical for Bible students, especially students of Bible prophesy, to understand those events and how they’re triggered — basically in a domino effect — by the coming war on Iran.

If you’re not thoroughly familiar with this topic, see my previous Bible study, The Four Winds and the Deadly Wound.

Finally, keep in mind that there are now less than six months left of the year 2018.  So if Bolton was not just spouting hot air in his speech to the 2017 Iran Freedom Convention, it’s quite possible that this year’s Bilderberg meeting is indeed a harbinger of soon-coming war.

But frankly, in my humble opinion, the video analysts failed to solidly connect this year’s Bilderberg meeting with preparations for such a war.  Their analysis, while extremely interesting, was perhaps more sensationalistic than realistic.

So, will the prophetic war against Iran of Daniel chapter 8 take place this year, as Mr. Bolton, Trump’s National Security Advisor, has predicted?

Well, the only way to know for sure is to keep your eyes open, and watch.  Events leading to war are always planned well in advance, so they very often can (and do) take place quickly once the go-ahead has been given.

Other Topics

It’s important to note, however, that other than Iran, the Bilderberg group meeting covered many individual, yet interrelated, topics.  Here’s their complete topic list, straight from the Bildeberg website:

  1. Populism in Europe
  2. The inequality challenge
  3. The future of work
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. The US before midterms
  6. Free trade
  7. US world leadership
  8. Russia
  9. Quantum computing
  10. Saudi Arabia and Iran
  11. The “post-truth” world
  12. Current events

I’ll give my own translation of those 12 topics for you, directly below, so you can better understand in more detail what these 12 areas of discussion among the globalist Bildeberg movers-and-shakers were likely about:

Populism in Europe — this most certainly was about dealing with the growing challenges to the New World Order now taking place throughout the EU in which nationalist and populist political movements have gained strength (i.e., Brexit, for example, as well as Italy’s recent leap toward nationalistic populism).  If the EU splinters and fractures due to nationalist and populist elections, it will be a major setback for the forces of globalism represented by the Bilderberg group.  How to stem the growing tide toward nationalism and populism was likely the topic under discussion.  This, by the way, is more evidence that our heavenly Father is at work fulfilling His Word in Zechariah 1:20, where He says He will send “four carpenters” (i.e., craftsmen) to “fray” (i.e., make afraid) the “horns of the gentiles” (i.e., the global power structure of the nations).  If the globalist Bilderbergers weren’t afraid of today’s resurgence of western nationalism and populism, it wouldn’t be their number one topic at this 666 (i.e., 66th year, 6th month) meeting.

The inequality challenge — likely more yakking about the supposed need for socialistic re-distribution of wealth from the “have” countries to the “have not” countries so everyone will be sure to get a “fair share” when the New World Order is finally launched. In reality, this long-proposed re-distribution of wealth is simply bringing everyone down to the same level of mediocre existence, with the exception of the elite, of course, who will continue to live like kings and queens at our expense.

The future of work — I’d wager this talk was about the disruptions to the economies of various countries being caused by technology and automation; they likely discussed the challenges as business and industry move more rapidly toward robotics which will ultimately put tens of millions of people out of work worldwide as machines do more and more of the work humans would normally do.  How do you balance the need for increased production (through technology and automation) with the need for continued maximum employment?  I’m sure they had a humdinger of a talk on this one.  You can bet worldwide socialism was their pat solution.

Artificial intelligence (AI) — this discussion likely centered around the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence, i.e., machines that can think.  I have little doubt the discussion included malicious use of AI v/s ethical use of AI; how political manipulation and propaganda can be controlled by AI; and finally, they most likely discussed the fact that global power and mastery will be heavily concentrated into the hands those who control AI.

The US before midterms — If the U.S. mid-term elections result in a sweeping Democrat control of the House and Senate, as is being predicted, will this further hamstringing president Donald Trump from implementing his supposed “America first” policies? Or will Republicans maintain control of Congress and allow Trump’s policies to prevail?  If so, how will the nascent New World Order be affected, and how can the globalists effectively deal with either scenario?  Those were likely the angles of conversation under this particular topic heading.

Free trade — Tariffs on imported goods have been falling for years thanks to free trade agreements.  This has made certain key goods and products from foreign nations cheaper, keeping a damper on prices which would otherwise rise much faster.  The attendees likely discussed President Trump’s recent spate of protectionist tariffs against certain Canadian, EU, Mexican and Chinese products, as well as the potential for this kind of protectionism to lead to massive trade wars between nations, i.e., how this kind of protectionism might impact globalist plans for world-wide free trade.  After the G7 meeting, which Trump attended while the Bilderberg meeting was in full swing, Trump stated he’d prefer a global economic system in which there were no tariffs whatsoever.  I agree.  No tariffs on imported good would mean cheaper prices across the board.  Everyone benefits.  Of course, it won’t be the first time I’ve agreed with Donald Trump, only to have him reverse course later.

US world leadership — this was likely a discussion of what Germany’s Angela Merkel has been bringing up repeatedly in recent months, i.e., is the U.S. still a “reliable partner” for Europe?  This seems to be Europe’s only counterpoint to Trump’s repeated calls for the EU to take more economic and military responsibility for themselves, and not to rely so much on the American military and American money.  How will it pan out?  Well, perhaps a better question would be, how has it always panned out?  America will continue to foot the bulk of the bill, particularly for Europe’s defense.

Russia — there are obviously many topics likely to be discussed under the heading of “Russia,” but I suppose at the top of the list would be Russia’s completely understandable insistence on maintaining its territorial integrity in the face of NATO’s ongoing expansion attempts into eastern Europe.  Nobody likes their adversaries crowding up to their back door.  We didn’t like it when the Soviets moved into South and Central America in the 1980’s, and they don’t like it when we do the same thing to them, now.  I’m betting another aspect of this discussion centered around Russia’s insistence on developing a multi-polar global order (i.e., political influence being distributed evenly between multiple centers of power) v/s today’s uni-polar global order which is dominated largely by the West.  The long-running argument between Russia and the West on having a multi-polar global order versus today’s uni-polar global order is actually what’s holding up the formation and launch of the New World Order.  That’s why, as soon as possible, I’ll do a new Bible study on this very topic.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that Russia’s insistence on having a multi-polar global order is the monkey wrench that’s been thrown into the gears of today’s largely uni-polar New World Order.

Quantum computing — still in its infancy, many national governments and military agencies are working to develop quantum computers, which, theoretically, would run faster and be able to solve complex problems more quickly and efficiently that today’s classical computers.  Quantum computers could especially be used to solve problems that are not feasible to solve, from a practical standpoint, with classical computers.  The bottom line here is that the nations or entities which develop and control quantum computing will have a decided advantage over other nations and entities, in terms of political, social and economic power and control.  Expect to hear a lot more about this topic in the near future.

Saudi Arabia and Iran — this one was a bit of a surprise to me; not that the members of the Bilderberg group would be talking about Saudi Arabia and Iran, but that the two nations would be lumped together under the same discussion topic.  The Saudis, like Israel, supposedly despise the Iranian regime and want it replaced.  While the common wisdom is that eventually Israel will attack and defeat Iran, likely with strategic help from the United States, I’ve always wondered whether or not Israel and the U.S. would use the Saudis as a military proxy in this upcoming war.  That would make the Saudis the “rough he goat” of Daniel chapter 8.  In recent months I’ve found it quite interesting that we continue to sell the Saudis more and more high-powered military equipment and advanced weaponry — seemingly far beyond that which they need for their own self-defense.  I’ve also found it interesting that certain Saudi leaders who were basically pro-Iran have recently been purged from their leadership positions in that kingdom.  This is just further food for thought in relation to the coming war with Iran, as discussed earlier in this commentary.  Somebody has to fulfill the role of the “rough he goat” that attacks Iran in Daniel chapter 8.  And the most likely candidates are either Israel, the U.S., or another “global coalition” such as we had in Iraq.  But it’s quite interesting that the Bilderberg group has lumped Saudi Arabia into the Iran discussion topic.  Another reason to be very watchful.  Don’t let yourself be surprised by anything.  This is part and parcel of a very complex global chess match.

The “post-truth” world — they should have re-titled this one “Regaining Control of the Narrative,” because that’s essentially what it’s most likely about.  As former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski stated a few years before his death, the internet has given the common people access to far more information than they’ve ever had, making them more “politically awake” than “at any time in world history.”  This has led to populist uprisings that threaten global governance. Of course, as a counter-measure the powers-that-be have cleverly labeled that growing base of online information “fake news.”  But the real fake news, as you know, comes from your mainstream television media.  My suspicion is that the Bilderberg group discussed how to regain control of the narrative and get the people back into line with their globalist agenda.  Perhaps this discussion topic should have been titled, “Putting a waking population back to sleep.”

Current events — well, what more can you say about this very generalized topic other than they certainly weren’t discussing Justifiable’s big Triple Crown win at the Belmont Stakes horse race.  Or were they?

Globalism is the Key

Listen, it all centers around globalism.  But we’re going to have globalism not because man wishes it, but because our heavenly Father’s Word mandates it.

All of His children will be taken into captivity to a one-world system under Satan, so they can experience the heights of Satanic deception for themselves.

And then that system will be destroyed by our heavenly Father at Christ’s Second Advent.  It’s the Lord’s great “determination” to bring all of this about (see Zephaniah 3:8, and be sure to read the Bible study “The Four Parts of God’s Plan” available free when you opt-in on the home page at the website).

All the Bilderberger group and other inter-related globalist organizations are doing is trying to work out the kinks to implementing the system they think they’re in charge of bringing into being.  You can call it the start of the “birth pangs” of Matthew 24:8 (i.e., “beginning of sorrows”) if you like, because that’s exactly what it is.

So now that you know, more or less, what the powers-that-be have been discussing at the 2018 Bilderberg meeting, keep your eyes on these things.  You’ll find these specific topics will be discussed more and more frequently in the news, now, as we move forward from this point.

What About Israel?

And by the way, you’ll notice one thing was suspiciously left off the discussion table at the Bildeberg meeting:  Israel.

That’s kind of odd, isn’t it, especially considering the fact that up to the time of the meeting Israel has been in the headlines virtually every day.

But it’s not because Israel isn’t an important topic.  It’s a critically important.  But the powers-that-be obviously don’t want to forecast some of their punches in advance.

Don’t let that seeming omission take your eyes off of Israel.  As you know, Israel is the barometer of the Middle East.  And maybe throwing Saudi Arabia into the discussion along with Iran was just a feign to distract our attention from something Israel is getting ready to do.

The Bilderberg group and others like them are playing global chess, beloved.  And sometimes you have to read between the lines to grasp their strategies.

Regards in Christ,

Steve Barwick


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