Christians keep writing to ask me, “If this coronavirus circus is not from God, as you claim, why, is God allowing it to drag on so long, with each day costing us more and more of our freedoms and liberties, especially our Christian and Constitutional freedoms and liberties?”  And I have to reply, “Who says He’s allowing it to drag on?  What if we’re the ones allowing it to drag on, by not exercising our God-given Christian dominion over the situation?”  Let me show you what God’s Word says about this gift of Christian dominion, and how we’re supposed to have been exercising it since the time of Genesis chapter 1, when God created us as His image-bearers on this earth and gave the dominion to us.  You’ll also discover where God’s People first turned their backs on this God-given dominion, in favor of participating in the political beast like the heathen around them.  And you’ll learn how we’ve done exactly the same thing, in the final days of this flesh earth age, and why our abstinence from exercising our God-given dominion has left the void, or power vacuum that Satan and his earthly minions have stepped in and filled, due to our own inaction.  Finally, I’ll explain what we must do to return to being the image-bearing overcomers we were always meant to be, on God’s behalf, and how we can start exercising that dominion once again, in accord with the words of Jesus Christ in Luke chapter 12.

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