Christians Who Don’t Keep Easter (More Than You Might Think)

It’s shocking to contemporary denominational Christians to hear that many of their fellow Christians don’t keep Easter.  While there are no official figures, the estimated numbers of Christians who do not keep Easter range from the low millions throughout North America, to tens of millions worldwide.

Why would so many faithful Christians refuse to keep the Easter holiday?  Perhaps the better question is this:  Why do so many Christians still keep Easter, when It was never commanded by God in the Old Testament, nor celebrated by Jesus Christ and the disciples (before or after His death and resurrection) in the New Testament?

Indeed, the high holy day commanded by God, and kept by Jesus Christ and the disciples, was the Passover.

Easter was a strictly pagan holiday celebrated in the spring as a sexual rite worshiping Ishtar, the goddess of sexual fertility and proclivity.  And this pagan sexual holiday — whose symbols were the rabbit and the egg — got grafted into the church not too long after the apostles and early church fathers passed on, and late-comers decided that the easiest way to “grow the church” would be to incorporate a popular pagan spring holiday and adopt its trappings and ornamentation such as the bunnies, eggs, and yes, even the ham for “Ishtar” dinner.

Above you can watch a short video explaining how the whole, sordid mess got started.  If you’ve ever wanted to know why so many Christians simply won’t have anything to do with the Easter holiday, and learn why, how and when they keep the Christian Passover instead, here’s a short video in which two Christian pastors explain it all.

(Note:  I’m not endorsing the church that originally published this video.  I’m only using the video to demonstrate that many, many Christians worldwide are waking up to the fact — finally! — that celebrating Easter is actually an abomination to God, as it occludes and replaces the high holy day of Christianity ordained by God, and celebrated by Jesus Christ and the disciples, which was the Passover.  For additional information on the pagan origins of Easter, see Easter or Passover: Which Should Christians Celebrate? after you’ve had a chance to view the short video above.)

Regards in Christ,

Steve Barwick


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