Facebook Bans Image of Jesus for ‘Excessively Violent Content’

According to the above article on Breitbart News, Facebook has banned an image of Jesus Christ on the cross for “Excessively Violent Content.”

The image, which was to appear on Good Friday in an ad for a college-level online program in Christian theology, is a typical depiction of Christ’s crucifixion.

The ad was being run by the Franciscan order, which also runs the college.

Breitbart News states, “According to the university’s web communications director, Tom Crowe, Facebook rejected the ad, stating: ‘Your image, video thumbnail or video can’t contain shocking, sensational, or excessively violent content.’

Of course, you can pretty much turn to Facebook any day of the week and see videos of people drowning live puppies, or committing other unspeakable acts.  But for goodness sake don’t run an ad showing Jesus on the cross.  That’s “shocking,” “sensational,” and “excessively violent.”

The university’s communications director, Tom Crowe, later stated that Facebook “couldn’t have fulfilled the Scriptures better if they tried,” referring to Isaiah 53:3, in which it is prophesied that the Christ would be “despised and rejected of men.”

But he quickly stated that “It really isn’t a matter of religious bigotry, in my opinion, it’s one of the world, in its ignorance and self-importance, with its sense of how God ought to act, being shocked and disgusted by how God does, in fact, act.”

Well, that’s awfully nice of Mr. Crowe to say.  Very polite.  Very politically correct.  But it misses the mark in regards to what needs to be said.  And I’m not quite as nice nor politically correct as he is.  So here’s my two cents worth:

Facebook has now made a habit of censoring pro-Christian and pro-conservative ads and posts.

And Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, has made no secret of the fact that he’s not only a political liberal but also Jewish, recently claiming his religion is “very important” to him, and even going so far as to quote a Jewish prayer at Harvard’s commencement in May 2017.

Of course, in the Talmud, the Jewish “holy book,” the Jews teach that Christ is boiling in hell in hot excrement for His sins, eternally, and that mother Mary was actually a Jewish whore who became pregnant by having sex with a Roman soldier named Pantera.

According to David Lazarus, writing on CBN News (Christian Broadcasting News), “The crucifix is never an easy sight for Jewish eyes.  Jews are vexed by the depiction of a crucified Messiah, which has more often than not symbolized the source of their own sufferings.”

In other words, the Jews blame Jesus for their sufferings.  And seeing an image of Him on that cross offends them.

But no.  None of that religious bigotry could have influenced Facebook’s decision to ban an ad for a course in Christian theology by a major Christian university, just because it contained an image of Christ on the cross.

According to Breitbart News:

One of the professors from Franciscan University, Benjamin Wiker, told The College Fix there was “no way” that this happened by accident.


He did, however, thank Facebook rhetorically “for the free advertising” for the university by flagrantly rejecting an ad on religious grounds.


Wiker said that the rejection of the ad was consistent with Facebook behavior, citing a blogger who runs the website Passion of Christ who had an ad rejected by Facebook because it contained images from Christ’s passion.

Now that I believe.

But my fellow Christians, this is our own fault for being so politically correct these days that every two-bit faction on the face of the earth feels it’s open season on Christ and Christianity.

Christianity, today, seems to be a shipwrecked religion run aground and stuck on the jagged rocks of political correctness while other religions sail past it full-steam-ahead to their destinations.

And this is largely because Christians no longer recognize, nor believe in, the conquest theology of the Bible, and particularly the profound conquest language of the gospel of the kingdom of God.

As a result of this politically-correct rejection of Christian conquest, other religions such as Judaism and Islam, which are based on a conquest theology of their own (and largely center around the hatred of Jesus Christ and His Way, which is to say, Christianity), are rapidly overtaking, and to a large extent overcoming, Christianity, both in worldwide growth as well as in global clout and influence.

What’s the solution? It’s quite simple:

Christians need to re-educate themselves to the conquest theology of the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

They need to get serious, for a change, about taking ground on behalf of our heavenly Father, through His Christ, and then holding that ground on His behalf until He comes.

If Christians in America fail to do so, we’ll soon end up like the Christians of western Europe – which is now known commonly as “post-Christian Europe.”

With that in mind, here are links to two Bible studies your timid, politically correct preachers won’t give you, and the antichrist purveyors of political correctness will recoil in horror at:

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