According to an article in the Daily Mail, “DIY transgender pills” are being sold to children who want to change their sexual identities from male to female, or vice-versa.

The article states that “school children who want to change sex are risking their lives by buying illegal hormone drugs online” in order to change their gender.”

The article also points out there are online chat rooms that offer teenagers tips on transitioning from one sex to the other.  Apparently, “hundreds” of gender-confused teens have turned to these online forums so they can begin “transitioning” without their parents’ knowledge or permission.

Lucifer: the Divine Androgyne

In a Bible study titled Lucifer: the Divine Androgyne, Ancient God of the Modern Transgender Movement, I’ve documented the reason we’re seeing such an explosive global popularity in transgenderism.

In that study, I noted that while God’s program for redeeming and unifying His children is through humble submission to Jesus Christ and His redeeming grace, Satan’s program for bringing about one-world unity is through the blending of opposites until a “synthesis” is achieved resulting in a “new way” on this earth in which everyone is finally “equal” because they’re indistinguishable from one another.

In another recent Bible study, Knowing Good and Evil: Satan’s Occult, Alchemical “Great Work”, I take the documentation all of the way back to the Garden of Eden, demonstrating that Satan’s plan since the very beginning of this flesh age is based upon the mixing of polar opposites until a global “synthesis” is achieved.

In that way, Satan seeks to corrupt and estrange God’s children from their heavenly Father and His eternal family household.

Who’s to Blame?

I noticed recently that another Biblically-oriented online news and current events commentator more or less sarcastically pooh-poohed the idea of “blaming Satan” for the sudden, modern-day burst of interest in transgenderism. He claimed that placing the blame on our old adversary for this abomination is “easier to do than looking in the mirror” and taking the “fair share of the blame” for ourselves.

I think somebody is missing the point.  I happen to agree that modern-day Christians face the brunt of the blame for not putting a stop to the wicked and incessant public popularization of transgenderism.

I’ll go even further and state that our Christian leaders – pastors, preachers, Bible study teachers and more — could easily stand up in unison and collectively use the power of their pulpits to speak out in righteous indignation against the abomination of transgenderism. They could expose it for what it is, i.e., a Satanic ploy to corrupt and transform society so God’s children are not fit to live in His eternal family household.  And finally, they could lead Christian congregations worldwide into wholesale public opposition to this burgeoning abomination.

Indeed, my two above-mentioned Bible studies were written specifically to give pastors, Bible teachers and other Christian faith leaders (as well as regular, everyday Christians) the Biblical and historical documentation they need to do just that.  You can’t lead the Christian multitudes into opposing something they don’t understand from its foundational level.  Education must come first.  Then opposition, afterwards.  Otherwise, the opposition is baseless and easily defeated.

Christian Parents Are Indeed Standing Up

The fact of the matter is this:  Christian parents across this nation are indeed standing up against the gender confusion being purposely inculcated into the minds of public school children.

But when they bring their complaints forward they’re being met with brick walls of opposition from public school authorities and public officials.  For example, as I mentioned in the first Bible study above, one like-minded Christian parent wrote me to say this:

“From personal experience, the schools have allowed my kids to have full control of what happens. In their endeavor to make school a safe haven from bullies, they have also made it safe for kids to declare their sexual preferences and orientations. 


I had to attend a meeting at the school last week where they explained to me their need to follow the human rights commission and allow my 13 yr old child to dictate what her transgender name is, and to refer to her with male pronouns.


I tried to explain what her legal name is, and that is the name I want them to use when they communicate with me or my child, but I sure didn’t get anywhere. They are more concerned about my child’s so-called rights. 


This world is so upside down, because people are letting the devil have the control we ourselves have through the blood of Jesus. We need to take it back by Faith.”

Now I couldn’t sum it up any better than that.  Christian parents need to grow some backbone and stand up in Christ’s name against this corrosive and wicked nonsense. And they need to do it sooner rather than later.  Our children’s eternity is at stake, after all.

And Christian pastors and faith leaders need to grow some backbone as well.  They need to stop the incessant and fruitless worrying about whether or not they’ll offend some liberal snowflake, and start teaching openly against this wicked abomination of transgenderism with boldness of heart and mind.

But again, to do so you have to know what transgenderism is all about, at the foundational level.  It’s not about little kiddies or grown adults wanting to be the opposite sex.  It’s about a purposeful, planned, long-term blending of opposites designed to transform the globe and corrupt God’s children.

So What Can You Do?

If I had children in public schools today, and their schools started teaching this wickedness and refused to relent as in the parental example mentioned above, I’d pull my kids out of that public school and put them into a private Christian school, or home teach them.  If I had to hire a lawyer to protect myself and my family on this issue, I’d do so.

Now I know for many families, that kind of decisive action is not always possible.  It’s very easy for an onlooker who maybe has it better than the rest of us to simply say “It’s your own fault…look in the mirror…do something about it.”

Nevertheless, in spite of the difficulty it might entail, you’ve got to do something to protect your children.  You can’t just throw up your hands and say, “Well, I have no choice.  I’m poor.  I can’t move.  I can’t afford private school.  I have to work and can’t home teach.  So I’ll have to allow my kids to be exposed to this inexcusable wickedness.”

At the very least, read the two above-mentioned Bible studies.  With that knowledge, sit down and teach your kids what this so-called “transgender movement” is all about.  It’s about right and wrong, knowing the difference between the two, and choosing God’s way over Satan’s way.

What’s more, pass the above-mentioned Bible studies along to your pastors, Bible teachers and other local faith leaders.  If they don’t know what’s going on and why it’s happening, from a Biblical and historical point-of-view, they’re simply not equipped to take a firm public stand against it.

Without the proper knowledge, they’re not equipped to blow the trumpet and lead the charge (Ezekiel 33), which is their God-given Christian duty.  But you can help them get there, beloved.  At the very least you can put the information in front of their faces.

In my view, placing the blame solely on parents isn’t the answer.  Neither is getting self-righteous and pooh-poohing or marginalizing the efforts of other Christian teachers and faith leaders to educate Christians on this critically important topic.

While parents who are solidly Bible-based are indeed better equipped to stand up in righteous indignation against this growing abomination, there needs to be a concerted effort among all Godly Christians to take a stand against transgenderism.

This is all the more necessary now that the teaching of transgenderism is being mandated in public schools, and now that public schools are being pushed into following pro-transgender guidelines from the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Yes, this is actually happening, beloved, as the parent I quoted above has documented, and as I’ve further documented in the short article, The UN’s Radical Agenda to Push Sex, LGBT Education in Kindergarten.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that for a bold, rational and educated stand to be taken by parents, pastors, Bible teachers, and Christian faith leaders of all stripes, they first need to be educated on the topic. They can’t take a stand against something they don’t fully understand.  We study God’s Word daily in order to learn how to successfully take our “stand against the fiery darts of Satan.”  And transgenderism is one of those fiery darts.

So do what it takes to learn the truth. And then, when you’ve learned the truth, boldly and decisively take your stand. And please don’t pillory the efforts of others seeking to do the same.  My way of taking a stand might be different than yours.  But at least I’m doing something about it in trying to educate others about why this is happening and what the ultimate goal is.

Regards in Christ,

Steve Barwick


Steve Barwick

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