Notes from the Wilderness

Poem: Why Is God So Angry?

“Why is God so angry?” Asked Captain Kirk in Star Trek 5 Are you so very cross with us You’d leave no man alive? Lord, things are gettin’ bad down here Some folks barely hangin’ on So, like Captain Kirk, we ask aloud Just what we’ve done so wrong? “Well, lookie there,” the Lord replied “You self-righteous little twit You think you’re so pristine at heart You don’t deserve all this?” “Okay, let Me see now Where on earth, then, should I start? You wanna know all of my complaints? Will you take...

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Songs of the Antichrist

by Steve Barwick Christians celebrate Jesus Christ in music, all the time. Abounding throughout churches are songs about His glory, His Second Coming and His merciful help in time of need for those who love Him. So, since Christians worship Christ, in song, on a regular basis, why don't Satanists celebrate the antichrist in song, as well? Turns out, they do. It's just hidden. But if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you'll see right through the disguise, just by listening to the songs,...

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