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According to this news article, just days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conducted a globally televised news conference documenting evidence that Iran has not been compliant with their nuclear deal, the Israeli Knesset has given Netanyahu sweeping new powers to declare war in extreme situations with only the Defense Minister’s approval.

In other words, as long as the Israeli Defense Minister approves, and the situation is deemed to be “extreme,” Netanyahu can now declare war against Iran (or any other country labeled a threat).

This is a significant move toward war by Israel and the Netanyahu administration.  Naturally, Israel considers Iran’s potential to build nuclear weapons as an “extreme situation.”

As the news article states: “The controversial law has been approved in light of unfolding tensions between Iran and Israel, as the Israeli Prime Minister has stated that Iran is continually increasing the range of its nuclear-capable missiles, saying that Israel has thousands of documents showing how Tehran allegedly lied to the world after signing the nuclear agreement, proving that Iran’s nuclear program had a military dimension…”

Point being, Israel is indeed getting ready to go to war.  We don’t know if it’s sooner, or later.  But it’s certainly coming.

As we reported last week, Pentagon Chief James Mattis recently told reporters that direct conflict between Israeli and Iranian forces is now “very likely.”

Why is this war important?  Because it has the potential to fulfill the ancient prophesy written of in Daniel chapter 8, in which Iran (represented in the Scripture as a “ram”) is attacked and completely conquered by a “he goat” (described in Scripture as being “moved with choler against the ram”).

Once this attack takes place, the Scripture in Daniel chapter 8 describes the following events as taking place afterwards:

1.)  The he goat “waxed very great” and became “strong” (translated from the Hebrew word atsam meaning a bone cruncher).  [Daniel 8:8]


2.)  Once becoming strong, the great horn on the he goat’s head, representing its power structure, gets broken (i.e., burst, destroyed, broken into pieces).  This is most likely the deadly wound of Revelation chapter 13, which we know from previous studies happens at Jerusalem.  [Daniel 8:8]


3.)  Once the power structure (i.e., “horn”) of the he goat is broken into pieces, the Scripture tells us that “four notable ones” come up in place of that former power structure.  These are the “four beasts,” which are the four stages of one-worldism described in Daniel 7:3-7.  [Daniel 8:8]


4.)  These “four notable ones” arise “towards the four winds of heaven,” meaning this is the point at which the four winds that usher in the final events of this flesh earth age begin to blow.  This is confirmed again in Daniel 7:2.  So at this point the sealing of God’s elect described in Revelation chapter 7 is over with, and the four winds that were held back until the elect are sealed in their foreheads with the truth of God’s Word are now no longer being held back.  [Daniel 8:8]


5.)  Out of the “four notable ones” of Daniel 8:8 comes forth “a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land.”  We know from Daniel 7:8 and 7:25 that this “little horn” is Satan himself, in his role as the false savior of the world, having been cast down to this earth with his fallen angels in Revelation 12:7-9.  [Daniel 8:9]

There’s much more in those verses in Daniel chapter 8.  Those are just the pertinent highlights.  So if you haven’t done so already, you can learn more about them in my study, The 4 Winds and the Deadly Wound.

Until then, keep your eyes on Jerusalem.  That’s where all of the action will be from this point forward.

Regards in Christ,

Steve Barwick


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