North Americans are the World’s Biggest TV Addicts

According to the above news article:  “The average person around the world spent nearly three hours a day in front of their television last year.”

The news article goes on to say that “Americans and Canadians are the biggest TV addicts…watching four hours and three minutes on average daily.”

What’s more, “European viewers came next watching three hours 49 minutes a day in 2017, just ahead of Russia and Brazil, the data gathered from 95 countries showed.”

Steve’s Comments:

If “North Americans” are the world’s biggest TV addicts, that means Christians are the world’s biggest TV addicts, because North America is largely Christian.

That’s not very wise of Christians.  But it’s to be expected.  After all, Christians are largely the ones being targeted by media propaganda which ultimately is designed to lead us away from our Father’s Word and His policies and gently but inexorably draw us deeper and deeper into the ways of this world.

In one of my most recent in-depth Bible studies titled “Lucifer: the Divine Androgyne and Ancient ‘God’ of the Modern Transgender Movement,” I wrote briefly about the main problem inherent in excessive television viewing, pointing out the transformative nature of the subtle propaganda woven into most TV shows.  Here’s what I wrote:

“I’ll never forget watching an episode of the 2017 TV show American Gods, in which the actor playing the lead character of Odin, head god of ancient Norse legends, was asked if he missed being worshipped in these modern times.


The Odin character glanced briefly at a television set that was turned on in the background, dimly glowing, then smiled wryly and replied, “You worship that upon which you most fasten your attention.


Of course, television and other forms of media can be a force for good.  But mostly they’re not.  Mostly they’re designed by the powers-that-be to fasten our attention (i.e., to celebrate and show worth-ship to) that which is decidedly ungodly:  murder, mayhem, violence, vengeance, drugs, sexual promiscuity, perversion and other forms of un-Christian behavior.


They’re also designed to get us to fasten our attention on the celebrities (i.e., celebrated ones; modern day “gods” in the form of movie and TV “stars”) and the characters they play, which, over time, through clever manipulation of the story-lines bordering on brain-washing, lead us as far away as they can from the Most High God and the holiness and godliness He deserves from us.”

And yes, I believe that with all of my heart.

The 4 Hidden Dynasties

Indeed, as a studious, Bible-believing Christian, you know that the children of Satan, the Kenites, completely control the four hidden dynasties of politics, economics, education and religion in order to advance their agenda for world domination and keep the population under their thumbs without having to use physical force.  They’re absolutely brilliant at it.

Generally speaking, television falls under the purview of the educational dynasty.  They love to call it “education,” but in reality, it’s mostly a combination of overt and covert propaganda designed to help push you into line with the ways of this world, and keep you there.

Overall, television is designed to keep your attention focused away from learning God’s Word and implementing His policies into your life.  That means its designed to estrange you from your heavenly Father and His Christ.

I’d even go so far as to say that most modern television and movie programming is actually designed to be in direct competition with God’s Word.  In other words, television and movies, for the most part, constitute a clever, attention-diverting substitute for God’s Word.

The media outlets – TV and movie alike, plus internet as well — keep our rapt attention where it generally doesn’t belong.

Most importantly, because these media outlets incorporate bits and pieces of truth into the programming, but craftily mix that truth with lies and deceit, viewers end up thinking they know what’s true from what’s false.  But in reality they’re being presented with a grand synthesis of truth and falsehood.  And that synthetic combination of those two opposites gradually becomes their “truth.”

This is why Ezekiel 44 tells us that during the millennium, the elect will be teaching the people “the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.”

The people literally don’t know the difference.  Most Christians don’t even know the difference, or they wouldn’t be celebrating the high holy day of Christianity on the pagan holiday of Easter.  Nor would they be teaching that “Eve ate an apple” when the word apple appears nowhere in the Garden of Eden story.  Nor would they be waiting for a phony “fly away” rapture into the heavens, when Christ is coming here to this earth to establish His eternal kingdom.

That’s why I always recommend Christians do their Bible studies every day, away from undue influences such as television, radio, internet, etc.  These are all designed as tools of distraction and manipulation.  So shut your TV off.  Turn off the notifications on your smart phone.  Turn down the radio.  And get away from anything that can distract you from hearing God’s Word with clarity as you study.

There’s nothing wrong with watching a little bit of TV each day, for entertainment, if you want to.  But you’d better have put God’s Word first and foremost.  Save the entertainment for afterwards.

And you’d better have paid attention when you studied, because it’s only God’s Word firmly embedded in your mind and spirit that can help protect you against the clever propagandistic brainwashing that permeates most television (and movie, internet, etc.) broadcasting today.

Yes, where you most focus your attention is, in reality, what you worship.  If you’re mostly focused on learning God’s Word and implementing it into your life, then you clearly worship God.

On the other hand, if you’re mostly focused on TV shows…the characters in them…the actors that portray them and the details of their supposed glamorous lives…as well as the nuances of the storylines that grab you with great drama and carry you into a make-believe world…then, in reality, you worship those things.

You might not realize it.  But it’s true.

Understanding the Word “Worship”

By dictionary definition, worship simply means “a reverent love; an ardent devotion.”  And so it is.  But in old English, the word “worship” is actually a contraction between the words “worth” and “ship.”  It means, essentially, that what you direct or point your attention toward is what you feel to be most worthwhile, or valuable to your life.

Again, it’s a simple rule-of-thumb:  What you most focus your attention on is what you’re really paying worth-ship to.

The word “worship” in Biblical Hebrew is translated from the word shachah (see Strong’s H-7812) and it means to stoop down and focus your attention on something.  Again, the object of your attention being what you “worship.”

In the Greek New Testament language, the word “worship” is translated from the word proskuneo (i.e., Strong’s G-4352), meaning to prostrate oneself before something, like a dog reverently sitting before its master and showing loyalty by licking its master’s hand. How much time do you spend each day, eagerly lapping up what you see on TV?  Has TV become, in that sense, your master?  Or are you paying due attention to God’s Word?

In other words, once again, it’s the attention given to a thing that determines its value, i.e., its worth-ship to you.

So make sure your attention is mostly focused on learning God’s Word, and implementing it into your daily life, as a way of life.  That kind of attentiveness shows who and what you truly worth-ship.

Entering the Promised Land

Since we’re now reaching the point in time at which we’re getting ready to enter into the Promised Land of the eternity, it’s appropriate to turn to the great book of Joshua for a tiny bit of advice.

Joshua led the children of Israel out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land.  But what were his marching orders from God?  As it’s written:

Joshua 1:8This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

God’s Word is to be meditated on day and night.  That way it becomes second nature to you.  And when God’s Word is second nature to you, “then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

Don’t let television, movies, internet and other forms of broadcasting become the things before which you prostrate yourself  every day.  In the long run, they cannot make your way profitable.  Nor can they give you good success.  They are in reality designed to draw you away from God and into the world.

Moderation in All Things

A little entertainment is fine, yes.  Even watching television to see “which way the wind blows” – i.e., what the enemy is pushing on society at any point in time – is a valid and legitimate use of television viewership…

…But only if you’re able to do so without getting sucked into the multi-media extravaganza that’s designed to “flip” you away from God’s Word and take you straight into the ways of this world.

TV and other media outlets are purposely designed to be addictive.  And they’re designed to change your heart and mind over the long course of time, and pull you away from that which “shalt make thy way prosperous” and give you “good success” and re-direct it to the ways of the world which cannot even come close to doing so.

It seems to me the people I hear complaining the most about how difficult life is, are the ones I constantly see plopped on the sofa or in their recliner, with a beer in one hand and a television remote control in the other.

If you’re doing that for hours a day, you might want to reconsider subjecting yourself to that much propagandistic influence from Christ’s enemies who control that “educational” dynasty.

The Spiritual Marriage Bond

As I mentioned in my short study, The Holy Spirit and You, when you study God’s Word with the same kind of rapt attention you give to television and other forms of media, it results over time in a growing bond between your spirit and the Holy Spirit.  That bond is a marriage bond between you and God’s Word.  And Jesus is the Living Word.

Beloved, don’t let anything interfere with that marriage bond.  It’s your key to eternal life.

The very first television show was broadcast on July 1, 1941, just in time to distract and propagandize God’s children into supporting this country’s entry into the Second World War.  And just in time to propagandize God’s children into backing the planting of the fig tree in the Middle East land of Israel some six years later.

Is it any wonder then that the enemies of Christ have now instituted so many different television outlets and programs in the end of this flesh earth age?

They’ve turned television into the largest propaganda outlet the world has ever seen.  And as a direct result, the world pretty much does – quite mindlessly, mind you — whatever the enemies of Christ wish.

The Wisdom of God deems Christians be more wary of television and other forms of media broadcasting than we are enthusiastic for it.  In the very least, don’t let it distract you from showing true worth-ship to God and His Word.

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