In ancient times, the “Great Hillel” (i.e., Great Praise) Psalms were sung by the faithful on the Passover.  We’re told in Matthew 26 that after the Last Supper was finished, Jesus and the disciples “sung an hymn.”  Think about that:  As your Lord and Savior prepared Himself for the cross on that final night before His crucifixion and subsequent resurrection, He did so by singing praise to our heavenly Father.  In essence, He and the disciples sang the first Holy Communion.  But which Psalms were sung?  In this short study you’ll learn about the six songs (Psalms) that were regularly sung at the Passover. And we’ll take a close look at the very first of those six Psalms to see what it had to do with Christ’s redemptive act on that cross, at Passover.

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