Some folks have speculated, based on recent current events, that the sealing of God’s elect is over, and therefore we’re on the verge of the arrival of the antichrist. This thought seems to be gaining a bit of traction among a growing number of Bible students.  So let’s take a look at what the Scripture says, and see what we can ascertain about the sealing of God’s elect, including when it actually starts and when it actually ends.  We know from Revelation chapter 7 that the sealing of God’s elect is directly tied to the Biblical “four winds.”  So in this brief study we’re going to examine those four winds from three different Biblical perspectives:  Revelation 7, Daniel 7 and Daniel 8.  As we do so, you’ll discover there are several key events that tell us when the four winds will finally begin to blow, and the sealing of God’s elect will be over with.

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