Most Christians believe God instituted authoritarian government over His people. And He did, ultimately. But as a curse upon them, not as a blessing. Unfortunately, some lessons we never seem to learn from. And the evil of authoritarian government rule is indeed one of the big ones. God didn’t want us exercising authoritarian control over each other. Instead, He wanted His People to develop and exercise personal responsibility for their own lives, and compassion for the lives of others.  In short, authoritarian government — which always comes at the expense of our personal freedoms and liberties — was not God’s choice for us. Not by a long shot. It was our own choice, as you’re about to discover in this study.  Our Founding Fathers knew this, and tried to reverse the course of history by instituting a grand experiment called Limited Government.  They warned — repeatedly — that we’d have to fight to keep it.  But we’ve failed miserably, to the point we’re about to lose our very nation and the profound individual freedoms and liberties it once offered, unless…

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