Most Christians think keeping God’s Word means studious obedience to the commandments.  But that’s not the case.  Obedience to God’s commandments is vital, of course.  It keeps sin at bay. It brings about God’s manifold blessings.  And it makes for a very happy life in the long run.  But that’s not what it means to “keep God’s Word.” And knowing what it actually means sheds new light on what’s entailed in your job for the Lord in the final days of this flesh earth age.  So in the course of this study, let’s take a good long look at that phrase “keep God’s Word,” and in particular, at both the Hebrew and Greek definitions of the word “keep” and how the word is used throughout key Bible passages.  I promise, it will open up your understanding of your primary duty to your heavenly Father in the final days of this flesh earth age as the modern church continues its headlong freefall into apostasy.

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