“Why is God so angry?”
Asked Captain Kirk in Star Trek 5
Are you so very cross with us
You’d leave no man alive?

Lord, things are gettin’ bad down here
Some folks barely hangin’ on
So, like Captain Kirk, we ask aloud
Just what we’ve done so wrong?

“Well, lookie there,” the Lord replied
“You self-righteous little twit
You think you’re so pristine at heart
You don’t deserve all this?”

“Okay, let Me see now
Where on earth, then, should I start?
You wanna know all of my complaints?
Will you take them all to heart?”

“Let’s start with child abductions
Child rape, and adrenochrome
Your leaders are all in on it
Some even take their victims home

And, oh, you’ve got the drag queens
Out groomin’ little kids
And TV shows so full of filth
They’ll burn through your eyelids

You’ve got rock stars pushin’ sex and drugs
As everybody knows
And sports events broadcast worldwide
With Satanic half-time shows.

You’ve got widows starvin’ half to death
You don’t even give a shit
And orphans livin’ in the streets
And that’s not the half of it

Your White House has been all lit up
In rainbow-colored gay
And the marriage bed has been debauched
In every filthy way

You’re still killin’ little babies
Right in their mothers wombs
Instead of bringin’ in new life
You send them to their doom

Would you like to hear some more
About why I’m so pissed off?
Don’t answer that, I’m on a roll
Did I just hear you scoff?

You’ve got Walmart peddlin’ Satanic books
Amazon selling pedo-porn
And you’re assigning tracking numbers
To every kid that’s born

You’ve got Jeffrey Edward Epstein
And Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Plus, sell-out politicians
And their Chinese overlords

You’ve got Bill Gates pushin’ poison
Kinda like a scorpion sting
To change the DNA I gave you
To some awful other thing

You colored the World Trade Center pink
Celebrating late-term abortion
You let Planned Parenthood sell aborted baby parts
Where’d you get such a murderous notion?

Your corporations fund my enemies
And most of yours, as well
Yet you still buy your goods from them
Rather than tell them, ‘Go to hell’

Now, young boys get their dicks sliced off
Young girls, their breasts, as well
There’s so much transgender bullshi
I should send you all to hell

What’s more, my name is being blasphemed
Each and every single day
And there’s not an ounce of reverence left in you
Yet now I hear you say

‘Why is God so angry?
What the heck’s His little problem?’
Let Me tell you, sonny boy
It’s YOU, and all that sin you’re haulin’

You really think it’s bad on earth?
You ain’t seen nuthin’, sport
By the time I’m done with those who hate Me
They’ll need asbestos shorts

‘Why is God so angry?’
Asked Captain Kirk in Star Trek 5
‘Cause My children love this sick, sick world
Much more than they love life.

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